Michiagn’s #1 seller of semi-custom kitchen cabinets

Quality kitchen cabinets DELIVERED in ONE WEEK!

Create your dream kitchen project with the support of our highly skilled craftsman!

Please allow our designers to work for you!

You don’t have a clue how do you want your kitchen to be? Other then awesome & practical? Allow our young designers team to work for you!

About us: 25 years of work in Detroit’s fellows kitchens!

Contemporary, casual or traditionaly design, no matter what you choose we`ll make sure your kitchen will be your favorite place in the house.

Casual or traditional? Light, medium or dark toned colors? Minimal or exquisite cabinets? You can`t make up your mind, do you? No problem, our designers are here to help. We are here to make this experience simple and enjoyable.


Lowest Price = Lowest Quality?

Yes, it does. For most contracters out there. But not for us! We are working with good, solid materials, which allow us to build your beautiful kitchen for lowest price on market.

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